Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Protos Arrives

Just picked up my Protos. I seem to be the first to purchase and receive my Protos outside of Italy. :cool:

There was a problem with the pinions shipment and my dealer did not receive the 15t or any other spare pinions. Some dealers may receive them though. I Should receive the 15t next week. I checked and the spare parts bag is in the box. They have the rest of the spares though.

I did not let on in the forums, but I know at least some people that were on pre-order lists that will not get their Protos from the same shipment I did. Seems the rest of the helis are being shipped later. We will see.

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James said...

Hi. I linked to your blog about the Protos from mine. Look forward to reading all about your experiences with the Protos.