Wednesday, 25 March 2009

First 90 Flight

The wind is still pretty bad. You can sure tell it is April in England. Even so, the guys are getting their helicopters out, cleaned off, and set up. I helped Darren at the field setup his Avant Freya .90. Well, actually I hovered it while he tached it. Then, for the second time and second weekend in a row he let me fly it. The video below is the second time I have ever flown a .90 size helicopter. After this video I had another quick flight and did a bigger moving auto at the end. Too, bad it is not on video, but I know that this has convinced me that I need a larger helicopter in the near future!

Jim's Slo-Mo crash.

The wind in Britain has been killer recently. Guts up to 50mph some days (why have I not moved back to the USA yet?). We managed to get flying in anyway. I flew the Protos, but it was not a great flight so I have a different video for your that I think is more entertaining.

Jim was ready to land, timer was going off, and we were talking. We often talk while we fly, but this time he had just finished a circuit and his brain melted down...

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Windy 450

This video was filmed about 2 weeks ago. It was pretty windy. I ended up smashing the Protos on the next flight because of the wind (and Piro-Flips, but mainly wind ;-). So still no good Protos video.

In this video we see the tail blow out a couple of times and we have a dog join us. At the end I could not help but do a few autos since it was so windy. I hope you enjoy.

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Youtube - Two Blow-outs and a Dog

Probably around 20mph with guts to 30mph. It has gotten worse and yesterday I got in 2 minutes of autos before having to take shelter from a hail storm. After the hail it was just too windy to fly anything smaller than a 600 and even those guys were struggling. Nick could not land his for about a minute because he was worried it would be smashed into the deck. Video should be posted soon showing their struggles in the wind.