Sunday, 8 March 2009

Windy 450

This video was filmed about 2 weeks ago. It was pretty windy. I ended up smashing the Protos on the next flight because of the wind (and Piro-Flips, but mainly wind ;-). So still no good Protos video.

In this video we see the tail blow out a couple of times and we have a dog join us. At the end I could not help but do a few autos since it was so windy. I hope you enjoy.

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Youtube - Two Blow-outs and a Dog

Probably around 20mph with guts to 30mph. It has gotten worse and yesterday I got in 2 minutes of autos before having to take shelter from a hail storm. After the hail it was just too windy to fly anything smaller than a 600 and even those guys were struggling. Nick could not land his for about a minute because he was worried it would be smashed into the deck. Video should be posted soon showing their struggles in the wind.

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