Tuesday, 27 May 2008

More Twitching - Solved?

I test flew again today during lunch. I had a couple of servo twitches and that was enough to make me uncomfortable with anything but hovering a foot off of the ground. It was even misting (sprinkling) just a tiny bit. Strong static to jump on such a humid day. Remember also that I had already sprayed the belt with WD40 which is supposed to kill static*.

When I got home I went out again, but this time before I went out I ran a ground wire from the tail block to the motor mount. I also ran a ground wire from the top main shaft bearing to the motor mount. I wanted to make sure. So I went and hovered the first battery. Nothing. It hovered beautifully. So I let it loose a little on the next battery and flew some Forward Flight, Stall Turns, Funnels, and Rolls. Perfect (well the heli was, I gave too much stick input. This heli is powerful!).

I came home and took off the blades again. Then I unhooked the ground wires from the Protos and spun it up to a low RPM. Then I touched the main shaft ground wire to the motor mount. Nothing. Then I tried the tail boom ground wire. It went crazy. The lipo guard was beeping because of being reset and the servos were twitching. I made a video of it, not that you do not believe me.

I hope this helps some one. I might be the only person with static problems on the Protos right now, but I am sure that I will not be the last.

* I had static problems with my T-Rex 450 SA also, but not this bad (Plastic Blocks and metal boom). Maybe I just have an Electric Personality.

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