Friday, 23 May 2008

Coming together.

I have to start with a thanks to the Jesus Bolt blog (great name) for linking to this blog. I guess I am under some pressure now to to put some good content on HeliTalk.

Well, I did not really have any trouble last night while finishing up most of the kit build. I still have to do electronics. There are a few things I did do slightly different than the manual said:

  • I strengthened the tail pully by filling in the gaps outside of the pin area. I wish I had taken a picture. It should not metter though as MSH are sending stonger pulleys out.
  • I put the frame halves together and then slid the servo assembly in. Just like you would if you had to remove the servo assembly after was built. Worked just fine.
  • Mounted my elevator servo on the starboard side of the frame and mounted my rudder servo on the port side of the boom.
  • Bottom of page three said to use thread lock on metal/non metal screws. I did not believe it and only used in on metal/metal screws.
  • I also strengthened the tail fin with carbon rod and epoxy. Much stiffer. We will see if it survives a messy auto...
It seems a few of the kits have been missing parts. I guess I got lucky because mine had everything I needed. The teething problems with this new company and heli seem huge, but lets hope with some communication and some good customer service this company survives and pushes this cutting-edge heli into the mainstream.

I think it is looking pretty good. I need to pick up some bullet connectors for the motor ESC (why would an ESC just come with the female half?) and I think that will be it. I am using 15mm plastic servo horns for now, but I have some 16mm aluminum ones on their way.

Maybe some video this weekend? Well, maybe if the weather holds out.

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James said...

Nice work. It looks great. I look forward to seeing videos of it flying :)