Monday, 7 July 2008

Gala - First 'Demo'

Was asked to fly at a Gala last week that was happening this last Saturday. Well, the weather held out just enough for us to get about one flight in each. I flew the Protos and just got to fly the 450.

Flying the Protos I got a few flips and rolls, and inverted hovering in, but the space was limited so I could not get anything more in. They did really seem to like it. The kids just wanted it to go higher, and as it would a flip or two were pushed high because of the wind, but they loved it.

It was gusty all day and as soon as I was done with the 450 flight the rain and wind hit, and hail! We were holding down the gazebo. It only lasted about 5 minutes. After that everyone was doing something else, so we packed up.

We got a free drink out of the deal. So not only was it my first demo, I got paid for it.. ;-) Hopefully some in-flight pictures will be forthcoming.


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