Friday, 6 June 2008

Flying again - No Static

I picked up my 15t pinion this morning and yesterday I received back my updated AR6200. So tonight I went and did some test and setup flights. I did not have one twitch or glitch.

I did a few things to make sure I did not have static problems again:
  • I grounded the tail shaft bearing to the sanded tailboom.
  • I then grounded the front of the tail boom to the motor mount.
  • I also grounded the upper mainshaft bearing to the motor mount.
  • Then I went all the way and grounded the motor mount to the negative side of the battery connection.
  • I updated my recevier to 'quick connect'
  • and finally sprayed my belt with silicon again.
I do not think everyone will have to go this far (I might have gone too far with the mainshaft bearing), but I was not going to take any chances.

I sanded both ends of the boom so that I could get good connections with the wire. I also tinned (covered with solder) the ends of the wires so they would last longer and not fray. Finally I checked to make sure there was continuity between the tail bearing and the negative lead. I will be very suprised if I have any issues again, but if I do hopefully the receiver will reconnect quickly and then let me know there was a problem by starting to flash.


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